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How to buying a wedding dress

For each station, for each subject in each person and each color symbolism, there is always the right wedding dresses. Choosing what to wear your wedding is as important as choosing the man to spend your sunny days.

There are a variety of wedding dresses styles to choose from - some countries have become the most rituals and wedding traditions, dress styles number in the thousands. How can you ensure that your dress is a reflection of your true self, not the fashion model on the cover of fashion magazines that grace bridal boutiques and corner stalls in the metropolis?

Buying a wedding dress: Style

The style of your wedding dress is around four factors. There may be more, but these are the most common, we can imagine:

the type of wedding

your personality


culture and her future husband

If you write your thoughts on these four factors, including the detail you can imagine, you have a good starting point for discussions with the boutique consultant. This saves time browsing the stores and catalogs full, sometimes crowded.

Type of wedding: married in a church and the reception room, or go to the beach from the garden, or in some enchanted island where guests can roam free and pick up getting married in an outdoor tent free to offer their best wishes and congratulations?

An outdoor wedding may reduce your selection. By the way, is not considered to require clothes that wear high heels unless you want to mark permanently leave the turf. Wear a dress that looks good with a pair of sensible flats, yet elegant to stick holes in the ground. For practical reasons, should not be taken seriously one up forever, with the type of dress of the ankles.

For the same reasons, a train is not ideal for an outdoor wedding. If you want to dress comes with a veil, which is weighted to prevent blowing around too much, unless you do it again, her boyfriend and pastor to chew the tip to the end of the service or risk of veil pin landing on cake anyone. If you have a good figure, shown within the limits of decency, of course, especially if you are still married in the church. Not that the pastor’s opinion should carry weight in the choice of clothes, but his church, yet so friendly place where they consummated the marriage.

A sleeve dress (one that adheres to your body from neck to ankle) looks best to target someone with a slim figure and curves. If you’ve always been proud of her hips, looking for a dress a little flair at the waist. A skirt with lots of fabric for drapes and folds would be ideal.

Your budget: who says you need a designer dress? You can save thousands of dollars on a wedding dress, which was finally approved in an attic somewhere, only to be seen by the attacks, when the nostalgia. Many brides think of the future for their daughters to buy your wedding dress, but remember that your daughter could end up saying, “How could you do such a thing at your wedding, the mother bear”

If you have other wedding expenses and do not want your wedding dress to receive the lion’s share, so you can help a sister or friend, create a wedding dress.

Culture: The factor of culture plays a dominant role in weddings and when used in a wedding dress that is typical of his own culture, so the conversation is lively. For example, if you were a Scottish wedding, you’ll know that tartans and Highland kilts will be the dominant features of the wedding apparel. Scotland also put accents to dress more attractive - like a Celtic knot that stands out.

Or have you seen the traditional Chinese clothing. Brides usually wear a Chinese dress because red symbolizes love red. If a Greek wedding, you will notice that the flowers bride and groom in the head instead of a veil.

Buying a wedding dress - Color

The white, which was traditional for wedding dresses, used to indicate the virginity of the bride to the assembled witnesses. Although the custom of the bride is dead leaf, custom bridal color still seems alive and well in most cases. Widowed or divorced, you can expect ivory, the right to think in black, but if tradition prevails, brides stick with that, in this sense.

The color white is not mandatory however. The clothes of different colors would be wonderful to make a splash on your wedding day. Red means, for example, love, joy and fertility and is traditional for brides in China. There are no rules saying that brides do not wear purple or sage, rather, an outdoor wedding would be even better, with a deviation from strict tradition. Always check with your pastor, if you can use different colors and his company, and ask that the colors are strictly prohibited.

Buying a wedding dress - Stories for you

If you feel a bit with the wedding preparations and agonizing over is overwhelmed with her wedding dress, you can sit on a break, and to take his favorite chair and do it yourself with a good book. We encourage your wedding dress: True-Life Tales of laughter lace and tulle, published last month (January 2007) by Random House (ISBN: 978-0-676-97846-9, 0-676-97846 - 0). This is a thoughtful collection of essays covering the whole spectrum of feelings of the bride, before and after the wedding. By the time away from the wedding preparations, you can recharge by reading the wedding. Wedding stories never fail to bring a warm glow in the heart or trigger your love to laugh. For example, we chose a story about wedding dresses and found a funny line from the press of Canada (May 2005). It tells the story of a couple, Christopher Cummings and Charity O’Brien, both of Missouri, who married in the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska. The title of the news aroused our attention: Weddings on Ice. The exchange of vows on Alaskan glaciers.

Guess what the bride wore her wedding glacier?

The usual, white traditional - with sequins. We chose this paragraph and want to share with you:

“The bride wore a dress of curves, strapless white satin, dotted with sequins. It also takes into socks, pants, rain pants and sturdy shoes were equipped with thorns.”

“The groom was charmed.”